What our students say

"When I started Sanshu Uk I had minimal martial arts experience. My lack of knowledge did not hinder me in any way though as I was warmly welcomed and soon made friends. I soon found I wasn't the only beginner and that there was people of all different fitness levels, ages and backgrounds. After about a month of attending classes my fitness had improved dramatically leading me to have a more upbeat attitude to all aspects of my life. Before long I found myself becoming hooked and I regularly found myself counting down the hours before the next lesson. The most exciting aspect I find about practising kung fu is that it is more than just a martial art, it is a way of life and can improve both your mental and physical well being through its training and philosophy. Since I have started my training I am a much happier and fitter person. I am well and truly hooked for life to this great ancient art form."

Lewis Cross SANSHU UK Junior Instructor 

"Forms are an essential part of my training. shifu emphasises the importance of learning forms to strengthen your stances and build explosive power. Teaching the fundamentals in balance, stance and fluidity, when practiced correctly they can build incredible core strength and have many practical applications. With its explosive energy, powerful kicks, strikes and stances Xiao Hong Quan is a perfect example of this, it is very demanding and has helped me with many aspects of my training including;  full body co-ordination, projection of energy through breathing, strength and focus."

Brett Darby SANSHU UK Student 

"I have been at SanShu UK for nearly 2 years and it’s been great, It’s helped my Keep fit and my concentration has improved BIG time not to mention every one is friendly and helpful, Learning martial arts takes a lot of dedication and time but is made easier with a great Shifu."

Mike Chatburn SANSHU UK Student

“The friendliest club I’ve ever been to. I was always put off by the aggression and intense feeling of macho posturing I found at other clubs but this is different. Truly like a group of close friends or family meeting up and encouraging each other to improve. Every session is a pleasure, even the ones that leave me half dead!”  

Sean Daly SANSHU UK student

"Having been a part of SanShu UK for 3 years, I have seen great improvements in my fitness and confidence and a have learnt fantastic new skills. Improving my fitness on a weekly basis brings so much happiness and contentment."

Cem Sonmez SANSHU UK Student

Chloe’s own words –

In kung fu, I like to watch Tom kick.  I am amazed at Iris’s skipping.  I like to do skipping with Iris.  In kung fu, I feel happy and people care for me.

Chloe SANSHU UK Student Age 6

Chloe was having issues at school and was reluctant to go into the playground.  I felt she needed to build up her confidence to know that she could defend herself.  I was recommended this school and so far, Chloe has really enjoyed it.  Tom, and all the students, really encourage and help her.  The lessons are physically challenging but Chloe comes out smiling.  She tells me that Thursday is her favourite day as it’s time for kung fu!   

Fiona, mum to Chloe

I have only been attending Sanshu UK for a few weeks but already I have noticed an improvement in my general fitness, coordination and flexibility. I am mostly attending the classes to improve my fitness but its also a great opportunity for me to learn the basics of kung fu. Tom is an excellent instructor and a true master of his art. The entire Sanshu UK team make these classes a great experience and I genuinely look forward to the classes each week.

Emma and Grant 
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