Training Tips

Make sure prior to any type of exercise you warn up your joints correctly 

Basic Stances 

Here are the basic Shaolin stances ma bu - Horse stance - Pu Bu- low stance - Gong Bu - bow and arrow stance - Xie Bu - cross leg stance - Xu Bu - Empty Stance - Du Li Bu - single leg stance. Remember to keep your back straight and open your hips, keep the feet rooted to the ground. 

Basic Stances

Basic Punches 

Foundational Shaolin punches Gong Bu Chong Quan - Bow and arrow stance grab/punch - Ma Bu Chong Quan - Horse stance grab/punch. Important to snap the hips into the punch, stay relaxed and keep your back straight. Power comes from your dantien, make sure you exhale through your nose. 

Foundational Punches

Wu Bu Quan 

Five stance fist form - Wu Bu Quan. Contains the basic stances above that need to be mastered in order to move on the the more advanced forms. Try to improve your balance and build explosive power, remember to exhale through the nose. 

Shaolin Wu bu quan 五步拳

Xiao Hong Quan 

Xiao Hong Quan (Small flooding/red fist) form. Please use this video for reference. 

Shaolin xiao hong quan 小洪拳


The Cem and Mike BodyWeight 130 Workout


To properly perform traditional Kung Fu it is essential that you stretch daily to ensure you become supple. Stretching literally makes you feel younger! Try to stretch for 30 minutes a day minimum, don't expect quick results when performing hamstring stretches, your hamstrings are incredibly strong and to get to a reasonable level for flexibility can take months even years!  Make sure you are warmed up before attempting any kind of stretch this reduces the risk of damage and aids the stretching process. Keep your knees straight and your feet forward, bend with your lower back keeping it straight.  Rest your hand on your feet, breathe in and push further into the stretch, breathe out and hold relaxing the muscles.  


Here are a handful of examples of different types of skipping for you to try outside of class. Skipping is a very important part of SANSHU UK Kung Fu training. Not only does it improve your cardio but it also increases coordination, muscle tone, improves weight loss and endurance. Start off slow and gradually increase your speed as you improve. Look straight and keep your knees slightly bent so as to keep pressure off them. The great thing about skipping is that you can do it anywhere!

Start off with 100 skips and gradually increase your sets.
Try these examples below and note your improvement over a month, skip every other day.

Skipping Tutorial

Tong Bei Quan

Here is the version of Tong Bei Quan taught at SANSHU UK. Tong Bei Quan (through the back fist) should be fast and powerful, stances should be rooted firmly to the ground between movements and internal linked with every strike, jump and stance.  Before practising Tong Bei Quan please spend at least 15 minutes warming up and stretching out, much like in class. This video has been created for student progress.

Tong Bei Quan Tutorial