Sanshu UK School of Kung Fu

About Us

SAN SHU UK was founded in early 2008 and has continued to grow rapidly thanks to the support of our students and constant dedication of all who help out the club. We have strong Shaolin kung fu roots but think of ourselves as a more of a mixed martial arts system as the style incorporates various techniques from different styles. We are an ego free training school and look upon ourselves as one big family rather than opponents both in and out of class. We are a non political school we welcome everyone from any back ground, style or ability the more people the merrier! Our Shifu has an extensive knowledge of martial arts and has trained with many masters world over. We have a wide range of equipment available for students to use free of charge and a very spacious hall which can be viewed in the gallery. Please feel free to contact us at any time or even better turn up and join in! San Shu translates as 'three' 'arts'. 

San Shu club emblem

Chinese characters ‘san’ meaning ‘three’ and ‘shu’ meaning ‘skill or art’ are shown within the lotus flower. The lotus flower is significant to Buddhist philosophy within the style.  The black and white coloring is significant to the teaching of the Tao and life. The three stars represent each skill set within the style, Self defense, Kung Fu, Sanshou. The circle within the lotus flower represents the continuous flow of energy that keeps the world in harmony.

Clubs Motto

“It takes a lot of complex thinking to realize that life itself Is simple”