Everything to know about Sanshou at SANSHU UK

Sanshou (Chinese: 散手; pinyin: sǎnshǒu; literally "free hand") or sanda (Chinese: 散打; pinyin: sǎndǎ; literally "free fighting") or an "unsanctioned fight" is a Chinese hand to hand combat system and sport combat. Not seen as a style itself, rather it is considered as just one of the two components of Chinese martial arts training and is often taught alongside with taolu (forms) training. However, as part of the development of sport wushu by the Chinese Government, a standard curriculum for sanshou was developed. It is to this standard curriculum that the term "Sanshou" is usually applied.

This curriculum was developed by experimenting with the Chinese military experiences in close range and hand to hand combat with reference to traditional Chinese martial arts. This general Sanshou curriculum varies in its different forms, as the Chinese government developed a version for civilians for self-defense and as a sport. - Article from Wikapedia

Sanshou at Sanshu UK is taught to students who have learnt and understood at least one shaolin form. Students wanting to fight will not be taught sanshou. To master ones mind and emotions and to understand the art is our goal. To fight without emotion or the want to hurt your opponent. To demonstrate your acquired skill to the best of your ability is highly stressed.



Head Protection

Generally made of leather or PVC to protect chin, cheeks and the back of the head. Worn in all amateur sanshou competitions. Head protection must be in either black or red.

Shin Protection

Made of lightweight foam material with Velcro fastening. Maximum protection to the shin bone. Usually worn in sanshou for newer students but not always used when fighting in competitions. Either Black or Red only. 

Body Protection

Made of tough vinyl with lacing system to protect the body and ribs. Either black or red only. 


Usually 10oz gloves are used for competition fighting and 14oz - 16oz for sparring. Made of leather either in red or black only, used to protect your hands. 


Uniform for the sanshou fighter either in black or red only. Can have sanshou or club related wording on the front only. No thai prints. 

Gum Shield 

Used for protecting your teeth in sparring and competitions. Moulded in hot water to fit your mouth.  

Hand Wraps

Used for both sparring and competitions. Extra wrist and hand support/protection that fits directly into your glove.  

Groin Protection

Used to protect your groin- plain and simple


Sanshou equipment can be purchased through our shifu's sponsor Black Eagle Martial Arts