Shifu Tom Metcalfe
Head Instructor

Tom is the head instructor of the SANSHU UK Shaolin school of Kung Fu.  He has trained in Kung Fu since 2001 and has performed on stage with the shaolin monks for a couple of performance in the UK. He successfully opened the first sanshu uk Kung Fu school in 2008. Tom has competed in Europe K-Star and performed in front of the Hong Kong Chief of police and various other Shaolin masters in Germany. He initially started learning San shou and Lau Gar from Shifu Robin Ford which lead him to further study northern traditional Shaolin under a 34th generation Shaolin disciple from the Shaolin temple teaching in the UK. Tom also spent some time studying Tae Kwon do under the late Master Pat Cloherty. He has attended workshops with the likes of Master Wu Bin (Jet Li’s teacher) and established FMA masters (One being Cris Mico from Tabak 1900). Wanting to further his knowledge Tom went on to train in FMA (Filipino martial arts) MMA (mixed martial arts working the ground with Tony Efstathiou) and has plans to teach in the Philippines. Tom is currently sponsored by Black Eagle, and Judges for the martial arts all styles international federation, MMA, Stand up fighting and open forms sections. Alongside this Tom is currently promoting the Chinese traditional health Qi Gong form ba duan jin alongside Jean Tsang. Tom spends most of his time between the UK and Philippines promoting Shaolin & Kung Fu. He recently visited Philippines to study Thai Boxing and MMA in the Armm Gym under Johndll Matulak. It also gave him an opportunity to finally use kamagong sticks! 

Tom has recently been filming at Warner Brothers Studios on a Guy Ritchie Feature Film King Arthur and will also be featured in DC's new feature film Justice League. 

Henry Simons  

Henry grew up in New York and has been practicing martial arts for more years than Tom has been alive! Henry has been a closed door student to Tom for at least the last 5 years and is a specialists in effective self defense. He heads the Wednesday self defense sessions in West Wickham. More of a bio to come shortly! Watch this space. 

Shifu Lewis Cross
Assistant Instructor

Lewis is the Junior instructor to Tom at SANSHU UK. Lewis initially joined from the beginning of the clubs existance and has been here ever since! He has competed at national sanshou compertitions, on stage in kent and in various events in the UK. Lewis trains 6 days a week in his all purpose persional gym and trains the under 16's during class. In Toms absence Lewis regually takes lessons in his place. He has trained in korean martial arts, boxing and Kung Fu. He is now in university studying sports science.  

Shifu Karl Clark 
Assistant Instructor 

Karl Clarke assistant instructor to Tom at SANSHU UK. Karl joined the club at the age of 17 in 2009. Karl specialises in forms and weapons. Karl has learnt many forms including Xiao Hong Quan, Tong Bei Quan, Hei Hu Quan and Chang Quan. Karl has learnt a variety of weapons including Chinese broad sword, staff and 9 section chain whip. Karl has competed at the martial arts all styles international federation coming 1st in 2012 and performed on stage in Kent. He is now working toward his full licence.