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Since SAN SHU UK was founded, our academy performance team has performed for all types of occasions. 
Our team consists of professional kung fu performers offering demonstrations in open hand and weapon displays.
We can offer authentic displays for restaurant openings, theatre shows, birthdays, weddings and celebrations to name a few.
We are also available for shows and workshops all tailored to meet your requirements.

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*Please note that due to high demand for events we are sometimes unable to provide demonstrations on certain dates, so please try to reserve slots as soon as possible.

A few things we are able to offer. 

Iron Skull Demonstrations (including headstands and headflips) 
Weapon Demonstrations including Chinese Broad Sword, Staff, Nunchaku and Shaolin Pu Dao. 
Traditional ancient forms such as xiao hong quan, tong bei quan, ba duan jin which all can be seen at the Shaolin temple today
Arial Demonstrations such as front flips, butterfly flips, kick ups, fei jiao, and hand springs.   
Choreographed fights that we have previously performed in the theatre.

Our workshops are available to any martial arts system

Our workshops are open to anyone interested in Shaolin Kung Fu and Martial Arts. The workshops will include a brief introduction to Shaolin Kung Fu and Chinese culture, demonstration of techniques and applications you will be able to learn through out the session.   
To book a workshop at your local club please contact us below